Types of Flights to Ride in Dubai

We have total 03 types of flights to enjoy the Balloon ride from Standard flight, Deluxe flight and Privilege Flight Package – find the rates and discount offers valid for 2016. The most sought after emirate in UAE, Dubai, is not only known as the city of riches and spectacular architecture, but also is brimming with adventure sports and thrills. Over the years Dubai has been successful in building multi-billion dollar recreation facilities for its citizens and for tourists. Along with indoor skiing, elaborate water parks, artificial island, tallest uber-luxurious hotels and underwater restaurants, there comes an array of adventure sports for people who love the thrill. A hot air balloon ride is one of them.

Offering a wide panorama of the entire desert emirate, hot air balloon ride is one of the most sought after adventure ride in Dubai. The sight from high up in the air witnessing a grand sunset is a dream come true for many. An airplane ride often offers that view but the feeling of the wind caressing the skin in an open air ride is something which very few people get chance to enjoy.

There are generally three different flight packages depending on the services, food and duration offered. Here are a few details for each:

Standard Flight Package

The standard flight is the basic amongst the three packages and offers the following:

Package comes for 895 AED for adults and 775 AED for children aged 5-11 years.

  • The hot air balloon glides over the sand dunes of the desert at about a height of 2000-4000 feet above ground
  • Refreshments are offered before the ride which comprises of a soft drink and light traditional snacks
  • It offers a beautiful view of the sky with a mountain backdrop and other animals on the ground, chiefly the camels
  • Pickup facilities from the hotel/residence are not available. Meeting point is the Dubai Shopping Mall
  • Live commentary during flight
  • A certificate of flight with the date and other personalized details

Deluxe Flight Package

This package is the same as above with slight variations in the pricing and pick-up facilities. There are approximately 16-20 passengers on board during flight.

Pick-up is generally from the hotel or residence within the urban regions of Dubai. Drop facilities to the same spot are available

  • Price for adults is 950 AED and for children are 800 AED aged 5-11 years
  • Refreshing snacks offered before flight, during which the balloon is being prepared
  • Ariel view of the vast expansive Arabian Desert, camels and mountains, the Dubai reserve, valleys and other flora and fauna at a height of approximately 3000-4000 feet
  • Live commentary
  • A certificate to commemorate the flight with personal details and date
  • Total duration is about 30 minutes to one hour of flight

You can also check private balloon ride to enjoy with family and friends.

Privilege Flight Package

This package is more personalized and is specifically for a couple or a small group of family members.

Pick-up and drop facilities from anywhere in Dubai

  • Cost for an adult is 1750 AED for a couple and 750 AED per child aged between 5-11 years.
  • Breakfast served before flight during preparation of the vessel. During this time photographs can be taken.
  • The total duration of flight is approximately 30 mins to 1 hour
  • Spectacular view of the entire desert, the flora and fauna, the expansive sky and sun as well as the valleys and dunes of Dubai. The balloon also floats above the Dubai reserve at a height of 2000-4000 feet above ground
  • A commemorative certificate of flight is handed over for carrying back the memories

The journey ends with a feedback session and handing out the certificates. Landing depends on wind conditions and can be anywhere in the desert. But don’t worry! There will always be someone to take you back to the appropriate spot decided earlier. It can be very windy and sunny, thus it is advisable to use sunglasses, light clothing and sunscreen.

Services provided by us come with extra caution and hospitality. Regular maintenance and checking of the flying fantasies are carried on before each flight ensuring perfect safety. Pilots have years of experience and are well informed and well equipped. Our guided tour makes the entire experience worth experiencing it again.