October 27, 2021

Top 10 Cleanest Beaches in the UAE

There are several beaches in UAE and today we have listed the most clean one which are counted among the top 10 Dubai. These are famous and well known for its crystal clear sea water. Dubai is envisioned as one of the most modern cities of the world, with high end shopping malls, super luxurious hotels and an expensive desert area. Dubai is always associated with the golden desert and its traditional Bedouin life in one end and an uber sophisticated life style on the other end. But less associated are the super clean beaches which line the Gulf area and are also a great place for family fun. Let’s check out a few!

Top Cleanest Beaches in Dubai

Mamzer Beach Park:

The Mamzer Beach Park is considered as one of the most popular beaches not only in UAE but also the world. The expansive area covers almost five beaches with smooth golden sand and has a nominal entry fee. Mondays and Wednesdays are meant only for women and children. The sparkling clean beach houses several cafes. Sundeck, umbrellas, barbeque stations and the like are rented on a daily basis. There are two artificial pools where one can take a dip if not interested to venture out into the sea. Car parking is also available with extra cost. There are several changing rooms, shower cubicles and coast guards along the beach area.

Jumeirah Beach Park

The Jumeirah beach is one of the busiest beaches, yet spic and span by expert maintenance by Dubai Municipality. The beach area is lined with palm trees, a symbol of the UAE, and occasionally has stretches of green grass and desert shrubs. It is a great beach for the entire family and is lined with ice cream parlous and other eating joints. Toilets and shower rooms are also available. There is a nominal charge for entry. Currently the beach is closed down for renovation and will only open at the end of 2016.

Kite Beach:

Kite Beach is one treat for the eyes as it houses an array of activities and is busy throughout the day. It is located just behind the Wollongong University and is also popularly named after that. A riot of colors fill up the air as people get busy with various activities like water skiing, parasailing and the like. The beach lies just opposite to Al Manara Road and offers a spectacular view of the famous hotel Burj Al Arab. There are no food stalls available and is only good for people who enjoy sports.

JBR Beach

JBR beach is one of the most happening clean beaches. The entire stretch of sand is lined up with open air restaurants and eating joints. Families and friends can enjoy on a patch of green and play Frisbee or throw ball. There are several events lined up throughout the year which makes the beach are more appealing. Entry to this well maintained beach is free.

Burj Beach

This stretch of expansive sand is firm and best for footballers and volleyball games. There are nets available and jogging tracks line this stretch of beach. Many small malls line up the beach road and one can take a quick bite whenever necessary. The Burj Beach is generally visited for taking a stroll with the babies or for a morning and evening jog.

There are many more beaches which line up the coastline of the UAE. Two piece bikinis and thongs are strictly prohibited and swimwear are not allowed while walking up and down the beach. The waters of all the beaches are generally clam, but might have strong under currents which can prove to be fatal. Thus visitors need to be careful on that.

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