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What could be a better way to experience and take in the various sights of Dubai, than an enchanting Cheapest Hot air balloon ride Dubai from up above? And guess what, we offer just that in our special tour package! Let’s proceed with the details of the tour.

679 AED Per Child 

899 AED Per Adult

There is no better sight than the view of a rising sun against a clear desert sky. This is even better experienced at a height, against the spectacular backdrop of the majestic Hajjar mountains, as you are sailing high above the desert while the wind is gently rocking your basket and carrying you slowly along to witness the plethora of activity happening below you. Witness the mesmerizing landscape of Dubai, with the larger than life sand dunes continuously changing form with the winds that beat against it. 

Spot the various indigenous flora and fauna of Dubai, like the hump-backed camels, slight footed gazelles and the rare oryx. The cool serene morning air adds to the pleasure of the experience as you witness the changing colors of the desert as the morning sun climbs steadily up the sky. The bird’s eye view that this ride offers, as well as the panoramic experience of The Dubai Balloon, is unparalleled. And upon finishing this wonderful activity, you may even meet some indigenous farmers and falconers, with whom you may click photographs as a souvenir of this remarkable experience!

Adrian Ovidiu Miron
Adrian Ovidiu Miron
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Amazing experience
Ali Zenati
Ali Zenati
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I had a lovely experience, highly recommend, Pasi was a great pilot
Matty Ben Moshe
Matty Ben Moshe
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Excelente tour, great service and guides
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I was able to see unforgettable scenery. Thank you to the drivers, pilots and other staff! I would definitely recommend it to everyone.
Lucy Troughton
Lucy Troughton
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Amazing trip, very well organised and great staff. Highly recommend
Ahmed Mazhar
Ahmed Mazhar
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Amazing experience and well organized
Balu Bhogaita
Balu Bhogaita
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These guys are totally pro, very efficient and have EXCELLENT safety protocols. Glenn and Rammel made a memorable event for me. Both went the extra mile to help me .

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Hot air balloon Dubai deals


  • Balloon Flight Ticket  – Refreshments – 679 AED | 185 $ PER CHILD. (Inclusive of VAT)
  • Balloon Flight  – Refreshments – Pick up and drop off – 899 AED | 245 $ PER PERSON. (Inclusive of VAT)
  • Small Exclusive Charter (1-4 Guest) –  15,999 AED | 4,383 $ PER . (Inclusive of VAT) PERSON (Range Rover pick up, Wildlife drive and private breakfast)
  • Medium Exclusive Charter (5-8 Guest) –  17,999 AED | 4931 $ PER PERSON (Range Rover pick up, Wildlife drive and private breakfast)
  • Big Exclusive Charter (9 – 24 Guest) – 25,000 AED | 6,849 $ PER PERSON (Falconry and breakfast) (Inclusive of VAT)

The cheapest Dubai hot air balloon is a complete family experience that can be enjoyed by all your accompanying travelers. It is an activity unlike any other, and this alternative sightseeing experience will remain memorable to you and your family.

As soon as you make a reservation with us for your hot balloon ride, our liason will contact you and decide the pickup time and location.

Hot Balloon Ride Dubai Package details


Our tour package includes the following provisions-

  • We shall pick you up from your hotel or place of residence. (Additional charge applicable)
  • We shall arrange transportation by car from the city to the point of origin in the Hajar mountains.
  • We shall provide refreshments and beverages for the journey. (Additional charge applicable)
  • The total flight time above the desert will be around one hour over the Al Ain desert.
  • Once you are done with your flight, we shall issue your fight certificate you shall have time to click photographs.
  • We shall then transport you back to your hotel or place of residence. (Additional charge applicable)

Tour Timings

  • Pick-up Time: Between 4:00 AM and 5:00 AM, depending on the season and your location within Dubai. 
    Flight Duration: The balloon flight itself lasts about 1 hour.
    Return Time: You can expect to return to your hotel or drop-off location by around 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
Frequently Ask Question
Balloon Tour Dubai Faqs
  • You need to be carrying your passport on your person at all times.
  • We can arrange transport from any other emirates, but at an extra cost. Please talk to your liason while booking your trip.
  • Keep your clothing casual and comfortable. It is recommended that you wear comfortable footwear for your ride.
  • Please adhere strictly to the timings given. Even minor delays in flight time may lead to the trip getting canceled altogether.
  • Please do not carry heavy luggage or handbags. They will increase the payload and it is not permissible on the trip.

This is a ride that takes place over the Dubai desert, where the tourists are taken high in the air in a hot air balloon. They can get a scenic view of the city and desert.

Anyone interested in this adventurous and fun ride option can take up the ride. People who have severe back pain or neck pain problems or have just undergone surgery are advised to avoid this ride. Pregnant women and children below the age of 4 are not allowed. All children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

The duration of the hot balloon ride is one hour. This does not include travel and preparation times.

The following people cannot partake in this activity for medical and safety reasons-

  • Someone who has undergone major surgery recently
  • Someone who has had a fractured limb recently
  • Someone with chronic back issues or neck injury
  • Women  who are pregnant
  • Children less than 6 years of age
  • People with a phobia of heights

No, it is available only from September to May. The ride depends on the weather conditions.

Ride costs around USD $ 239 on average.

Avoid wearing heels and wear comfortable footwear. Skirts and dresses can be avoided as they can create a problem while getting in and out of the basket. Keep your hats and sunglasses on. Wear a comfortable dress. If you are going early morning or in the winter months, wear warm clothes since the desert can be cold.

A hot air balloon would have a basket for people to travel in. Basket capacity varies from 8 people to a maximum of 24. Factors like weather, the weight of people, and air temperature also affect the decision on how many people can travel in the hot air balloon.

The United Arab Emirates hot air balloon ride is 100% safe. Experienced and trained operators operate the balloon and will be available at all times. The pilots operating the balloon would be certified and would have passed flight checks.

  • In case of any cancellations or rescheduling, the following rules will be followed while revising the charges-
  • If the trip is to be canceled or rescheduled more than 48 hours prior to the booking, no extra charges will be applicable.
  • If the trip is to be canceled or rescheduled within a window of 24 to 48 hours prior to the booking, 50% cancellation charges will be applicable.
  • If the trip is to be canceled or rescheduled less than24 hours prior to the booking, 100% cancellation charges will be applicable.

Refund, if applicable, will be made within 7 working days, and as per the policy mentioned in the text above.

The weather is the decider for hot air balloon flights. Wind speeds more than 11 km/hr, rain, and thunderstorm can prevent the ride from happening. In such a case, the ride would be canceled. Passengers would get a refund or an alternate ride is arranged another day.

Hot air balloon Terms and Conditions

We hold the right to update and change the policies and conditions of the hot balloon ride. We also possess the right to apply new policies, which can include fees and additional charges.

Visitors who have undergone surgery, had a limb fracture, severe back or neck injuries, or phobias of heights are not allowed to take the ride. Pregnant women also do not qualify for the ride. This is for safeguarding them from any potential harm during the ride.

Children less than 5 years of age are not permitted to avail themselves of the ride. Children above 5 years of age, but without any parent or guardian won’t be allowed either.

Apart from the normal fees for the ride, the additional charges will be applicable for pick up and drop services, along with the snacks and beverages during the ride. If you have booked package with transfers and breakfast then no additional charges.

The laws of the United Arab Emirates restrict the smoking and keeping of alcohol in tourist vehicles. Any guest found with alcohol will be asked to return with no expenses and a refund.

You must wear any comfortable outfit for your tour and keep your layers ready as per the weather. Please avoid wearing heels or any uncomfortable footwear.

The basket of the hot air balloon can have a capacity of 8 to 24 people. However, the number of people allowed to travel together can also depend upon different factors. It includes the weight of the travellers, air temperature, and weather.

  • We consider it our responsibility to deliver you a safe ride. However, we will not be liable for any risk that can not be eliminated, including the loss to damage, accidental injury, trauma etc.
  • Our priority is to deliver you the best experience while ensuring that you are safe. You must follow the rules and regulations and agree to these terms and conditions before finalizing your tour with us.
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