March 30, 2023

Why go for a Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride in Dubai

Floating over the gigantic desert of Dubai in a hot air balloon is really among the topmost memories to bring back from a tour to the UAE. And that’s the reason why hot air ballooning is on the leading bucket lists of almost all visitors. The sunrise view over the desert is stunning as the sunlight reflects at a broader range all over the sand dunes. The colors appear light reds just as the sun rises up, switching to sparkling yellows as the sun becomes brighter. The Hajar Mountains situated on the borderline of Oman accurately goes with the scene forming an amazing backdrop and absolute shooting opportunities.

These Dubai hot air balloon rides are performed during sunrise and let you cherish the massiveness of the desert at the greatest time of the day. Absolutely, the color of the dunes at the time of sunrise gets magnified by the rising piercing sun. As you keep traveling, you will also be able to spot Arabian animals including Camels, the Arabian Oryx, and Gazelles as well during your 1-hour balloon flying duration over the gigantic desert of Dubai.

Sunrise is absolutely the best duration of the entire daytime. Every morning is distinctive and it’s always best to take your handy camera and capture a few stunning photographs from the stunning view. People do not every time get to be treated with stunning colors in the sky and even rainbows at times if it happens to be raining before the flight. Viewing other balloons floating into the sky offers stunning silhouettes as the light falls and reflects on the horizon. Floating on hot air balloons during sunrise in Dubai assures great utilization of the stable winds which are intermediate with colder breeze present just after the duration of the sunrise. This means that balloon ride launches just during the sunrise at 4:30 am to 6:00 am varying on the time of year. While temperatures and the weather can get colder during the winter durations of the months the bigger balloon burner offers a lot of good warmth as well while it lifts off to float in the air from the ground.

As for the other duration of the day, hot air balloons ride in the early morning because that is when conditions and the atmosphere are the most stable and reliable. Early morning generally offers the topmost chance for the perfect weather, letting for cool weather and temperatures and the emerging of the early morning sun, creating a stunning view.

So if you are looking to get a hot air balloon ride in Dubai, we have the best recommendation for you in this article. Their Hot air balloon rides basket can hold up to 24 people in a single ride, offering completely safe and maintaining all kinds of safety measures required for the safety of their passengers, only assigning licensed and certified pilots trained and skilled enough for operating the balloon.

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