December 4, 2022

Hot Air Balloon Sharjah 

Sharjah is one of the largest and most populous cities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also one of the seven emirates of the Gulf country that has been awarded the title of the Cultural Capital of the Arab World and the capital of Islamic Culture. From well-preserved heritage sites to delectable food, shopping, and adventure activities, Sharjah has something for everyone.

Among all the activities offered by the city, the most famous is the hot air balloon Sharjah ride. Flying high up in a colorful giant hot air balloon watching the mesmerizing view of the city is an utterly amazing experience. There is nothing romantic than watching a beautiful sunrise desert view with falcons, the majestic national bird of UAE flying past you. The hot air balloon Sharjah ride is one of the quickest ways to explore the city without any crowd and get a perfect chance to see some wildlife for a photoshoot capturing the memories forever. You also get to see the magnificent sand dunes making course that is a rare experience.

A typical hot air balloon tour begins with an early morning pickup from your residence or hotel driving you to the outskirts of the city where giant air balloons are waiting for you to take you on an adventurous ride. You can watch the balloon being filled and prepared for your trip, climb the wicker basket and you are slowly lifted off the ground and up in the air offering you spectacular views of the city.

Floating over the golden dunes and watching an in-flight falcon show is a truly unique and amazing experience. Specialized falcons go up with your hot air balloon and at 4,000 ft they are released to swoop and circle the balloon basket. Do not forget to grab your camera to capture the majestic birds as you soar through the air with them freezing the moment. While you explore the dunes during the ride, keep an eye out for skydivers landing where you can see adventure enthusiasts enjoying an adrenaline-pumping morning.

Various hot air balloon Sharjah tours allow you to enjoy appetizers right before hopping on, some offer refreshments and snacks on top, while some conclude the tour with a gourmet breakfast back on the ground.

Why do You Need to Try Hot Air Balloon Sharjah Rides?

When it comes to recreational activities, Sharjah offers the best desert safaris and various adventure activities. So, why ride a hot air balloon? Well, it is a great choice for families with kids looking for less extreme outdoor activities like skydiving, dune bashing, and quad biking. Additionally, if you are on your honeymoon, a hot air balloon ride offers you a romantic experience riding over the clouds. But which are the best hot air balloon rides in Sharjah that will give you your money’s worth? Our top pics are:

  • Hot air balloon ride with gourmet breakfast and falcon show
  • Amazing hot air balloon with beautiful desert sunrise view
  • Hot air balloon ride over Sharjah desert, breakfast, falcons, and 1950s land rover.

If reading this has your heart racing, then be sure to book the hot air balloon Sharjah tour and experience the adventure.

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