March 30, 2023


Is it worth taking a hot air balloon Dubai ride? Well, a hot air balloon ride is a beautiful way to
spend time flying leisurely, going to the heights, seeing the city and landscape up from the air.
The problem with these rides is they are expensive. The prices start from AED 949 to AED
20900 depending on the package one selects. The operation and maintenance of such rides are
costly. The hot air balloon Dubai rides offers a beautiful experience to the passengers at all
times. The highest quality and safety standards are admirable features of this ride. It’s truly
once in a lifetime experience that’s breathtaking. The take-off moment takes people into
another dream gliding slowly through the desert, sunrise, and Dubai’s landscapes.

Insurance: There is an insurance factor involved in such risky rides and paying for insurance is
not an easy thing. The insurance is for the loss or damage to the equipment itself or the liability
arising to the people using it. AS such it is not so dangerous as it seems but still, to protect and
cover the potential risks, insurance providers charge heavily. The premiums are heavy of such
huge payouts. Insurance is generally provided by special carriers who deal with aviation and
non-standard risks.

Costly affair: The cost of balloons is high ranging from $20,000 to $80000. The cost is
determined by the size of the balloon. The larger the balloons, the higher are the price. Larger
balloons are for accommodating ten to twelve people. Buying a single balloon may not be an
expensive affair but getting several will cost enormously to the people. They also have to
prepare a budget and pull out an estimate to arrive at the profit.

Renting: Hot air balloons are stored by folding and require very small space. When they are
inflated they become huge and also have a basket to accommodate more people. The space
required to fly them requires more area. A field is rented to launch, fly and land up balloons.
Some balloons are prepared to carry many people and are very heavy.

Maintenance: Hot air balloons rise high in the sky and so is the risk associated with it. Such
rides need routine maintenance and care to protect the passengers from any potential risk or
damages. A lot of inspections are needed to be done to keep the conditions of the balloons in a
good state. There are special mechanics appointed wherein large balloons are used for rides.
Inspections inspect the balloons and take additional care.

Qualified and efficient person: Hiring a qualified person to fly the ride means he has to be paid
a significantly good amount. The person also needs to be an expert in excellent customer
Last, but not least hot air balloons fly on fuel. Where the fuel is cheap the cost is adjusted in
covering other key areas of the ride.

If you are thinking of visiting Dubai, a hot air balloon ride at Balloon Ride Dubai is
recommended by many. They have the best price 679AED per child and 849 AED per adult.

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