Hot Air Balloon Abu Dhabi

Hot air balloon Abu Dhabi ride is a magical tour wherein one can experience the vastness of deserts of Abu Dhabi from the sky. It will take you into a different zone where you can appreciate the nature to its best. The hot air balloon flies upon the red desert which is placed between Dubai and Hatta. One can also have a look of fossil rocks from the cockpit of the balloon.

Hot air balloon Abu Dhabi ride can take place even early in the morning where one can experience the sunrise and the changing colors of the desert. It is the perfect time as one can see the real beauty hidden behind harsh deserts. You can have a bright look of the shape and dimensions of huge dunes from the sky. This charms to the eye and is a mystic involvement.

Our Balloon Tour Price Includes:-

  • Pickup from your hotel in Dubai.
  • Drive towards Hazar Mountains.
  • Sunrise Photographic Opportunity.
  • Refreshment & Snacks provided by us.
  • Fly one hour over Hazar mountains.
  • Drop back to your hotel in Dubai.

The view from the hot air balloon is nothing but picturesque. You can enjoy clicking the beauty of the rising sunshine along with the landscape of the desert. Picturing and captivating the experience with you for the lifetime is the part of the whole trip. It is not an extreme sport or adventure like skydiving, but it can be extreme for people with phobia of heights as the hot air balloon swirls around the high winds of the desert at around 3000 feet above the sea level. So remember to take meds and precaution for all the scary heads out there before getting into hot air balloon Abu Dhabi.

One can have a look of the whole desert from that height which makes the experience a whole lot special. This ride can give at least a little adrenaline rush as you are swinging around at such a height above the surface without any safety harness or belt to hold on to you which will make some blood flowing.

A quick heads up that you will not be alone in the sky as Peregrine Falcon one of the fastest and most magical flying bird will sail with your balloon. If this does not set your motor running, then I wonder what will. One can also have a glimpse of Hajar Mountains from that height. Animals residing in the natural environments of the desert can also be spotted such as camels, Arabian Oryx, Galloping Gazelles, etc.

The trip is not limited to the flying and landing of the balloon. One is greeted by the mighty and mean 1950’s open-top Land Lover which will pick the guest after the landing and will escort them to the Bedouin camp. After getting freshened up at the clean and private restrooms, you will have a feast waiting for you in all its glory. Gourmet breakfast with eggs benedict, fresh fruit salad, caviar, smoked salmon and much more which will leave your gut contented and satisfied.

The flying time of hot air balloon Abu Dhabi is in the vicinity of an hour which is further complemented by a most exquisite breakfast in between a desert. This trip sounds expensive and is, in fact, expensive for most of the crowd but every penny spent is well spent, to say the least.