hili fun cicty

Hili Fun City is a place of exhilaration and enthusiasm located in the UAE. It is said that this niche is one of the first theme parks and has an assortment of recreation and interactive zones for all ages. You can spend quality time with your friends, family, etc. This place is very popular for its variety of entertainment areas with more than 30 attractions including rides and explorations for children of different age groups as well as an amphitheater and a 3D action theatre. There is unlimited leisure and you can have all of the adventurous pastimes with your group.


Here are some of the riveting stuff that you can try out all day long:

Circus Train: The Circus Train at Hili Fun City is a remarkable ride where you can just sit and appreciate the elegant views from the carriages. The train has three wagons that have a music regulator selection that you can press to relish a harmonious ride. Small children should be escorted by adults.

Flying Clowns:

The Flying Clowns rides at Hili Fun City offer vibrant coloured comics on carriages that bloom through the air. Kids can even choose their favourite coloured clowns to bask in this fun-filled jaunt. Small children must be accompanied by adults.

Hili Swinger:

This ride has 32 seats that are restrained by extended strings and twirl around a pole, it commences very high into the air which makes this ride perfect for high-octane exploration.

The Ice Rink:

It is also one of the central temptations of Hili Fun City. It is the first ice rink to open in the UAE that offers you to relish ice skating or ice hockey. Surprisingly, it is also the home ground of the Abu Dhabi hockey squad.


It is said to be the favorite ride at the Hili Fun City that indicates the elegance of Arabia and the endurance of childhood anecdotes, this ride has 38 seats and is fun-filled. This ride is excellent for children.

Jumping Star:

The ride has 6 seats that are neatly organized in a line so that you can take a glimpse of your dear ones as you make your way and give them a hearty giggle.


You need 3-4 hours to enjoy the entire park. Wintertime is considered to be the best time of the year to visit this wonderful place.

The park timings are mentioned below:

Monday to Thursday: 04:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Friday and Saturday: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Park is closed every Sunday.


It is located in the Oasis City of AI Ain and Hili Wedding Hall is the imminent landmark to this amusement park. Locals can take their cars whereas tourists can rent out vehicles. The minimum cost can be 25 AED for a 10-minute conveyance. Bus no- 32,8 and 40 stop at Hili Fun City and it is a 7-minute step from Mubarak Bin Mohammed St.


Monday to Tuesday – Ticket price- 30 AED

Wednesday to Saturday – Ticket price- 60 AED

Ice Rink- Ticket price

Entry ticket – 10 AED

Skating with rented shoes – 40 AED FOR 90 MINUTES

Skating with own shoes – 20 AED FOR 90 MINUTE

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