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Dubai tourist map

Plan your vacation in Dubai to discover all it has to offer! You will definitely appreciate the must-see attractions and events that await you in this mystic land!

How to Get Around Dubai

Get around the city by metro or a taxi. The prices may be quite high because they will provide you the freedom you need to move at your own comfort without any hassle and stress in the traffic.

The metro system will get you to the major areas of interest that include the Dubai International Airport and Burj Khalifa. The airport is approximately eight miles from the center of the city.

Crossing the Dubai Creek

Boats will always have their role in transporting to Dubai. They are basically used by the tourists and locals who cross the Dubai Creek. By way of the abra, you will be able to get to the creek.

Going to the Atlantis Hotel, Dubai Marina, JBR, and Burj-Al-Arab

If you want to visit the Atlantis Hotel, riding a monorail system shuttle coming from the Atlantis Hotel is a good idea. It is just that this is not connected to the so-called metro network. And since Dubai Tram is already functioning since 2014, it already linked to the Dubai Marina with JBR and Burj Al Arab. This will help you pass the Jumeirah Lakes Towers Station including the Dubai Marina Station.

Taking the Tunnel Right Below the Creek to the Heritage Village

Being a casual tourist, it is a lot better if you hire a service that is known as the Line 8. Starting at the Gold Souk, it will continue taking the tunnel right below the Creek to the Heritage Village. This will now set you off down the Jumeirah Road including all the malls and hotels. This will lead you to the Wild Wadi and Burj-al-Arab.

Better to try a company that runs on two routes; the red route that centers on the old parts of Dubai and the blue route that goes to Jumeirah!

Spend your days enjoying and seeing all the other important places and sand routes of Dubai which are not mentioned here!

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