Dubai in March

Planning a trip to the City of Gold, Dubai?  Why not do it in March? 

Dubai is yet to experience summer in the month of March, and the weather is still pleasant around this time. March falls under the peak season for this tourist destination, and why not? The month brings good weather, which is suitable for a bunch of outdoor activities. You can expect sunny days and windy, cool evenings if you visit Dubai in March. You may experience the occasional rain too. Dubai has a lot to offer to its tourists, be it lounging around on the beach, conducting a picnic at any of the city’s attractions, going on a desert safari, or simply wandering around the city on foot. The weather needs to be compatible with such activities and March provides just the kind of climate that visitors look for when planning their itinerary for Dubai. It is springtime, and you will find it extremely comfortable to go for a swim in the sea or laze about the beach.

Let’s look at 5 reasons to visit Dubai in March below –

  1. Comparatively more affordable than the other peak tourist months – The holiday season just gets over, so the shopping centers and malls are no longer as crowded. You can enjoy a calmer shopping experience now than you can in the other peak tourist months. Similarly, accommodation rates also slide down, and you will find it much cheaper to book your stay at a hotel now than you would have before.
  2. Good weather, no sandstorm – As already discussed, March translates to good weather in Dubai. In addition to that, sandstorms are rare in Dubai around this month. As any desert city, Dubai, too, is subject to sandstorms, but such storms are infrequent in the month of March. You can plan your desert safari with relief now.
  3. Top attractions are less crowded – You could have planned for the Burj Khalifa or the Hot Air Balloon Dubai  – you would find it swamped with crowds any other time of the year. However, in March, the crowd thins a little. Also, the weather is less humid, so the view you receive of the city from the great heights of the Burj Khalifa is clearer.
  4. A host of interesting events – March is an eventful season in Dubai. Many interesting events are organized in the city during this time. The Dubai International Boat Show is one such event, which brings together more than 430 yachts and sailing vehicles to Dubai over a span of five days. The Dubai World Cup is another such event that boasts of being the world’s richest horse race. The Al Marmoon Heritage camel festival is also organized in the month of March.
  5. An ideal month for touring the city – March is not only synonymous with pleasant weather in Dubai, as already discussed, it provides weather conditions which make it perfect for sightseeing. At no other time on the year will you enjoy such a clear bird’s eye view of the city from its tall structures. The crowd is thinner than the other months, so you can leisurely explore the place on your own time. The cost of traveling goes down for the same reason. Lastly, many important tourist events are held in Dubai around this time.

Now, you know which month you ought to schedule your Dubai trip!

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