The Dome Box Dubai – Things to See, Timing, Tickets

The The Dome Box Dubai is located at  485 Al Wasel Rd. Check out what things to see, timing, where it is located, ticket and how to reach. The Dome Box Dubai situated in the Box Park gives an incredible experience to the viewers and movie lovers with its 360-degree screen in which watching movies would be a delightful experience. It has the ability to make viewers forget about the 3D or 4D movie watching experience and it is evident that it is the next best thing in the UAE. It has its speciality with a dome-shaped movie screen that provides movie watchers with a different experience while watching cinema. Dome box cinema provides the viewers with a unique audio-visual experience that places them at the centre of the storyline as the screen sounds the spectators.

The theatre has been launched in the back in 2015, with four animated short films filming, which has provided a new experience especially to children and delivered the scope to explore the world of nature, science and many more things. Not only a cinema or a theatre, dome box is more than a theme park that attracts more than 1 billion people as visitors. It has visitors from outside UAE as well.

Where is Dome Box located?

The Dome Box cinema is situated at Boxpark, Al Wasl Road, Dubai which is an economically enrich part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Things to see

All kind of educational and documentary movies are being featured at the dome box cinema.  Recently, Ewan McGregor-narrated movie “Astronaut” has been featured which has provided the customers with the experience of exploring the space. Except that the foods are awesome, people often choose the location to celebrate their birthday parties or anniversaries. Many could think that as a theme park, this theatre would be showing high melodramatic movies, but it only intends to feature an educational and family friendly animated movie that focuses mainly on nature, science and the environment.

Surrounded by the 360 screen this, the movie theatre would be able to give viewers experience of time travelling and roaming around in the space. The most attracting feature of this theatre is that the featuring movies last for 10 to 30 minutes and keeps changing in every half an hour. Thus, it would be a great experience for the little ones and at the same time unforgettable for the grownups. Therefore, dome box can be considered as the best choice for children through which they can acquire knowledge generated by advanced technological projections of cinemas.


The opening and closing time of the Dome Box cinema is from 12 noon to 10pm on Sunday to Thursday. On the other hand, it operated from 12 noon to midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Days Timing
Sunday to Thursday 12 noon to 10 pm
Friday and Saturday 12 noon to midnight

How to get tickets

Visitors can opt for alternative tickets as there are two types of movie tickets that come with packages. Either the viewers can choose a package for ADE 45 or four movie packages with ADE 75. The first one comes with two movie packages. Dome box can accommodate 80 viewers at a time therefore, it would be tough to get tickets from the counter, thus, through app setting or online site movie lovers can get booked tickets. Views can get a ticket online or can opt for buying tickets from the counter. Through the below-mentioned link, the online website of Dome Box can be accessed. It also provides some extra discount for the school visitors. Along with the movie tickets, the visitors can experience other things like the food passes through which visitors can enjoy the quality and delicious food.

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