10 Adventurous Activity to do in Dubai

If you are in Dubai then never miss these top 10 adventure spot from land, sea to air. These activities are among the best choices – voted by tourist.  The Dubai, an Emirate city of the UAE is famed for its grandeur in modern architecture, sophisticated standard of living and intense style. But leaving apart the grandiosity, the city houses an array of adventure sports for tourists which surprise most. The list is innumerable, but here is a list of ten most demanding and thrilling sports which are must dos while in the city of gold and spices.

dubai adventure


  1. Sky diving: This sport activity needs a lot of courage and is a rare and expensive one. A free fall from the plane above Palm Jumeirah, with a videographer offers a spectacular view and an adrenaline rush! Age should be above 18 years and below 100 kgs of weight. The free fall goes from 0 to about 200 kilometres in one hour. It’s that exciting!


  1. Sand boarding: Al Hamer, Dubai’s highest sand dune is the abode for sand boarding. The sport might seem very easy to master but even a four hour practice at The Empty Quarter Oasis might freak you out after the glide from 100 meters of height. Children under 13 years of age are not allowed for this sport. Personalized boards are available in Dubai for sale.


  1. Ice Skiing and Skating: The Dubai Mall houses one of the most amazing sport activities skiing and snowboarding! This artificially built area allows anyone above three years of age to taste the fun of skiing. Artificial snow slopes and rails are constructed for the ultimate adventure. The same mall also has an Olympic size ice skating rink which is a fun and memorable experience. There are professionals who can train and guide novices.


  1. Dune Bashing, Camel Desert Safari, and Camping: The desert package is for the entire family and above three years of age. One can take an amazing ride in a SUV in the Khali Desert and then go on a slow camel ride. There is also an option for night camping to sleep under a sheet of star studded sky.


  1. Shark Diving: The Dubai Mall holds yet another spectacular place called the underwater world which houses hundreds of sea creatures. This huge aquarium will leave one enthralled and an underwater guided dive is also available. The underwater experience will enable one to swim amongst the sharks and get the taste of thrill and fear and remain to be one of the most memorable experiences. Anyone above 10 years of age can take a dive amongst the 33, 000 sharks swimming past without being bothered. Don’t worry its absolutely safe!


  1. Bungee Jumping: This extreme sport is open for anyone above 14 years of age, below 120 kilograms in weight. Pregnant women and people with difficult heart conditions are strictly not allowed due to the high fear factor of this sport. This activity takes place in Power Play Football Centre in Meydan Road. The jump is a free fall from 50 meters high and is in Dubai’s Gravity Zone.
  2. Fly boarding: The Al Souq Harbour in Jumeirah offers this amazing sport of fly boarding. This popular and fun sport is the first thing the celebrities do while in Dubai. It is amazing to experience a speed of 40 kilometres per hour and feel the salty wind gush against the face while being lifted up from the water. Jet skiing and paragliding are also available on the same beach.


  1. Micro lighting: This is an aero sport activity which glides one through the air over the Desert Reserve of Dubai. 14 years and above age are permissible and the ride is for fifteen minutes. It is spectacular to get a bird’s eye view of the expansive desert.


  1. Water rides: The Wild Wadi water-park in Atlantis Hotel Dubai, is the spot for numerous exciting water rides. This place is for the entire family and an entire day can spend simply by cooling off by the artificial shore or by taking rides. Children too enjoy splashing and tasting thrilling rides which are specially designed for them but should be 13 years and above. There are a total of 24 rides of which 16 of them are surprisingly connected.


  1. Hot-Air Balloon ride: Nothing is more spectacular and mesmerizing than to witness sunrise from high up in the sky, while the winds blows in the hair slowly. The hot-air balloon ride gives you the exact feeling. Rides are generally catered in the early hours of the morning, with a breathtaking view of the Dubai’s landscape.

The aforementioned sport activities are designed for every type of people and one can bask in the excitement of these sports for a life time. Sure you will try whenever you visit Dubai!

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